Project by Raphaël and Thomas Blasselle. Image & editing : Raphaël Blasselle. Music : Dondieu Divin.

"LES EXPATS - LA FRANCE VUE DE Pondichéry" :  P.O.M. (2'54), french version.

More than half a milion of french people are living in foreign countries and this phaenomena seams to be still growing. Why do so many french people decide to quit their country, even at the opposite site of the world ?  For my brother Thomas, who has been living with his family for 7 years in Pudducherry in India, it was about both enriching his experience and getting out of the routine that threatened to become stifling. Was this a shared feeling ? Did all these expatriates leave for the same reasons? Intrigued by these questions, we met the French expatriate community in Pudduchery. More than an account of daily life in the tropics, these interviews offer, by comparison, food for thought on the Western way of life.
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