In the current context of strong tensions around secularism and religion, being myself agnostic, I am going to meet believers from three religious communities - Catholic, Muslim and Jewish - to try to understand their spirituality and their way of living it, their certainties and their doubts as well as their relationships with others. This project is also an opportunity for me to test my own prejudices, by listening to what may resonate in those who, like me - agnostic, atheist or believer - are questioning the meaning of their lives.
In Résonances, the images of community life dialogue with the voices of believers, accompanied by soundscapes and short texts on the story of my experience.
The first chapter of Résonances was produced in a Catholic parish in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, a working-class, multi-ethnic neighborhood in the east of the capital. It is intended to be distributed in several formats: a book of images and texts, an installation, publications and a photographic film already made.
The second chapter is in progress. Begun in January 2022 in a mosque located in the 19th arrondissement, it will be the subject of a separate broadcast.

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