100 B&W analogue pictures, a short movie, 10 audio interviews, ambient sounds and writings. 
As the first step of this wide project, I have been frequenting for a long period the community of Notre-Dame des Foyers, a small catholic church in Paris, France.  
Alone, I photographed the parish daily life, interviewed the faithful and recorded ambient sounds. Without reporting the social and religious context of this community, and without getting informed about Catholicism, I made the decision to follow my instinct.   
The images of the life in community dialogue with the believers' voices, accompanied by sound atmospheres and brief texts on my experience within this church.
In the search of convergences between religions and other forms of spirituality, I have questioned faith and its incidence on the believers daily life, their continuous efforts in self-questioning, in reaching out to others and accepting with them joys and sorrows of the community life.
Through meetings with the faithful, I have tried to understand their spirituality and the way they live it, their certitudes and their doubts, as well as their relations with the others. Listening to what can resonate with those who like me - agnostics, atheist or believers of any religion - question the meaning of their life.
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